Residents’ right to complain

A new housing complaints service will make it easier for tenants and homeowners to act against their landlord or housebuilder if something goes wrong in their home.

James Murray, landlord and tenant law specialist at Jones & Co Solicitors, says that plans for a Housing Complaints Resolution Service include giving people a single way to raise complaints and claim compensation if a repair, maintenance or other problem arises with their home.

James said: “Landlords and housebuilders need to be aware that dissatisfied homeowners and tenants will be able to use the service, which is part of a package of proposed reforms by the Government that include a mandatory requirement for all private landlords to join a redress service.

“The Government has also announced a New Homes Ombudsman, which will support home buyers, and hold developers to account. It is likely that all new developers will have to belong to the Ombudsman, with the aim of giving home buyers confidence in the houses they buy.

“Developers who wish to be part of the Help to Buy scheme will need to join the Ombudsman by 2021 if they wish to participate.

“It’s important for landlords and housebuilders to be aware of these proposed changes and take necessary steps now to ensure they can continue to operate successfully and avoid issues moving forwards.

“If landlords or developers would like to discuss the implications of these changes, they can get in touch with me at Jones & Co Solicitors.”

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