Trainee Solicitor Recruitment

The Training Contract

The normal Training Contract consists of 4 x 6 months seats although some seats could last for a full year. The trainee solicitor would carry out a minimum of 3 seats and a maximum of 4 seats during a 2 year Training Contract. The training principal would consult with the trainee during the Training Contract as to the trainee’s seat preference to try to accommodate his/her requirements wherever possible.

Jones & Co. is very focused on promotion and career progression within the Firm and likes to train and promote its staff internally. The Firm, therefore, tries where possible to offer the trainee a Permanent Contract of Employment with the Firm following qualification, although this cannot always be possible. The Firm would take into account the business needs and the trainees’ performance of the individual throughout the trainee’s Training Contract.

Training and Development

The Firm’s trainees are assigned a supervisor during each seat in the Training Contract. This would normally be the Department Head of the department that the trainee is in. The training principal would meet with the trainee periodically during the course of the 2 year Training Contract to determine the trainee’s progress. The supervisor plays a key role in the development of the trainee during the Training Contract. The supervisor is responsible for giving the trainee guidance and feedback throughout to enable the trainee to get the most out of the Training Contract.

There are guidelines set by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) for trainees that we adhere to and it is important that the trainee fulfills the requirements of the SRA during his/her Training Contract. There are key standards of competence that have to be met which are given to the trainee during induction.

At the start of each seat, the trainee will set objectives with his/her supervisor in line with the SRA’s key standards of competence. It is important that the trainee keeps a training record during his/her seats and whenever the trainee learns something new it must be recorded onto the training record. Half way through the seat the trainee will meet with his/her supervisor to determine the trainee’s progress. At this time the supervisor and trainee would set objectives for the final 3 months of the seat to ensure that the trainee is on track to fulfil all of the key standards and objectives set at the start of the seat. The trainee will be able to meet different objectives in different seats/departments so it is important that the trainee sets different objectives in each, tailored to the work carried out in the department in order to fulfil all of the key standards of competence set by the SRA.

The trainee will be given a variety of work during the Training Contract which includes but is not limited to giving clients legal advice. The trainee is expected to be involved in the development of the Firm through networking and charity events etc.


  • For Training Contracts commencing in September 2019 and each year thereafter, applications must be received by 31st December of the previous year
  • For training contracts commencing in September 2019 and each year thereafter, interviews will take place in March or April
  • Training Contract Start Date: Mid-September.